Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s)

When visiting a modern project site, it is common to hear the buzzing of a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or drone flying along site. This highly regulated technology has been proven to bring unattainable information safely and faster then some conventional methods.

Your project needs will be carefully planned by selecting the right UAV for your project from our fleet, designing a custom flight plan and identifying the data acquisition types. The long list of applications below sample the services we can provide.

Valard Geomatics is licensed to use and pilot UAV’s for commercial purposes under out blanket SFOC (Special Flight Operations Certificate) from Transport Canada dictating the safe and responsible use of the UAV.

  • Job progression tracking
  • Logistics and planning imagery
  • Inspection of small areas or difficult to access
  • Point cloud (LiDAR) for topographic survey
  • Point cloud (LiDAR) for engineering design
  • Inspection of towers and vessels
  • Linear Corridor or Right-of-Way planning, lease planning, site surveys
  • Mapping, profiles, cross sections, cut & fill volumes
  • Volume calculations, grading, drainage, contours, 
    visual impact assessment
  • Equipment and site surveillance
  • Inspections for pipe leak detection