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Monument LeBlanc Mapping

A beautifully made interpretive sign has been installed at the LeBlanc monument near Belle-isle, Nova Scotia. A Valard Geomatics employee, Scott Comeau, a Geographic Infor-mation Systems (GIS) tech-nician, took the lead role in the project while at Centre of Geo-graphic Sciences (COGS).

The monument represents the memory of the LeBlanc and Gaudet families whom were one of the first Acadian pion-eers to establish themselves in Acadia. The monument was built and is tended to by Robert and Diane Surette, whom with the help of the Nova Scotia LeBlanc Association acquired this parcel of land that was part of the original LeBlanc village before 1755.

The monument itself consists of a plaque on a large stone and a map depicting the historical environ-ment of the area in 1755. The mapping product was put together by Scott Comeau with the help of Diane Surette and Dr. Marc Lavoie, archeologist and professor at the University of Saint-Anne, Nova Scotia.

With the historical data, a detailed map of the LeBlanc settlement was created with many of the in-tricate details being hand drawn to have an authentic look. For more information on the monument see

Courtesy of Robert Surette

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