Our Work Culture

At Valard Geomatics Ltd., we are a provider of innovative and professional geomatics services and our culture is fostered by a clear corporate vision shaped around a dynamic cohesive team, invested company growth, and embracing of new technologies and ideas. We believe in innovation; thinking outside the box and giving new ideas support and a chance to succeed.

Our Values

Our values make up the core of our culture and we pride ourselves on building and maintaining a safe and ethical team where everyone feels included, where trust is the foundation, and where quality work is a shared goal.

Employee Growth

Founded on these principles, our vision of high performance includes peer coaching and mentorship programs, employee recognition and appreciation, accountability, continuing education and training, consistent communication and transparency to name a few.

Workplace Inclusion

No company can build coherent culture without people to embrace the core values. At Valard Geomatics, we believe in respectful contributions and staff inclusion. We continually benchmark our performance and strive for constant improvement.

Commitment to Safety

A key part of our culture is our commitment to safety. We recognize that safety is beneficial to the employee, the family, the community, the customer and the Company. Valard Geomatics Ltd. is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all employees without compromise.