Any Project, Any Size, Any Complexity

Valard has a proven track record of providing competitive and clear pricing for our surveying projects and delivering those projects on time and on budget. Valard Geomatics is unique in the survey industry as the company was created specifically to provide surveying services to the energy and utilities industries. Our specialization in the energy and utilities industry ensure that we provide our clients with cutting-edge technology and professional crews of project managers and surveyors prepared to provide the best in service and quality.

Competitive & Transparent Costs

At Valard Geomatics we have a centralized approach eliminating the middle branch office to keep the brains of the operation at the core of the business. This mitigates costs and provides a hub for all office personnel to work as a team.

We can decrease costs to our clients by using leading edge technologies. Extended radio range GNSS, robotic total stations and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle drones (UAV) are just a few examples of how we increase field productivity with fewer staff. Using state of the art equipment allows us to handle any project of any size or complexity.