Project Expertise

Valard Geomatics Ltd's Surveyor setting up equipment for a job.At Valard Geomatics Ltd, we specialize in linear infrastructure and utility corridor projects focused on the following areas of service:

Our survey projects span the nation, from the northern communities of Canada to our southern borders – from the Pacific to the Atlantic oceans.

Client Focused Attitude

Working closely with our clients, we understand that survey requirements change as the project moves through different phases of its lifecycle – Conception, Design, Construction, As-built and Maintenance. Our Professional and experienced management team have the project management expertise to advise on the most appropriate survey methodologies and equipment to employ. We adhere to the highest level of safety and will achieve the specified and required project accuracy to meet design and regulatory requirements for each phase. We do this by preparing customized solutions tailored to the task at hand to create the most cost effective solution that will meet both accuracy requirements and time constraints.

Unrivaled Quality Program

Our intensive quality control program is set up and customized for the energy and utility industries to guarantee survey accuracy and correctness. Customized in-house written software programs have been exclusively developed for linear corridor survey to provide automation and improve survey efficiency which inherently reduces overall project costs. The prompt speed at which our field crews can accurately and precisely perform the survey is unmatched in the industry making Valard Geomatics a cost effective choice.

Every Project Done Right

Valard Geomatics’ experience working in a diverse range of terrain and environments is unparalleled – harsh climates, Canadian Shield, the low, rugged hills of the Atlantic east coast and the fierce and majestic Canadian north. The logistics of deploying field personnel, equipment and materials is a non-issue as we are currently doing this across the country on many major projects. With access to an internal travel company, transportation shipping division, corporate aircrafts and helicopters, we can quickly deploy crews to any site in short notice.