Haitao Zhang, PMP, M.Sc., P.Eng

Haitao is the Engineering Operations Manager at Valard Geomatics. Overseeing all engineering, construction survey works cross Canada, he focuses on coordinating project activities, working with clients to prepare estimation, develop and maintain project plans, progress tracking methods and database development. His mentorship and direction extends to the Engineering team, LiDAR and UAV team, Technician team, GIS team, Project Managers and field crews. Haitao has advanced knowledge in application technologies, including GPS methodology & techniques, LiDAR, UAV, electronic data collection & processing, and CAD systems. His implementation of automated programs for the field and office staff at Valard Geomatics have heighted the quality of services provided with the necessary precision expected from modern surveying techniques.

Haitao’s exceptional experience in Geomatics Engineering and Consulting Engineering had led him to succeed in managing a number of substation and large scale transmission projects such as 287km NTL in BC, 247 km MFAC, 1185 km MFDC, 485 km ETAL, 102 km PIKE, 74km DCAT, 495km OEWTL.
Haitao was born in China and moved to Canada in 2002. He received his Master Degree in Geomatics Engineering from University of Calgary in 2005. Haitao became a Professional Engineer in 2010 and received his Project Management Professional Certification from PMI in 2014.