Employee Profiles

Valard Geomatics prides itself on the hiring the best in the surveying industry. Our dedicated team includes department managers, project managers, surveyors, project coordinators, geomatics technicians, gis and mapping technicians, administration staff, hr staff, drafting technicians, engineers and plan checkers. Our company values of innovation, safety, and continuing education mean that our staff work hard to ensure that all projects are completed on time, on budget, and with integrity. Below is a sample of some of our dedicated staff:

Vincent Ng

GIS & Mapping Project Coodirnator

Vincent started with Valard Geomatics in June of 2015 and is our GIS & Mapping Project Coordinator. Being from Vancouver BC, Vincent sometime struggles with the cold and snow but not at all with his job. He is our resident helpful programming genius and always willing to help out his co-workers. His genuine nature, constant on the go energy and smart mind are what makes him an essential part of the Valard Geomatics Family.

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Gavin Olson

Crew Chief

Gavin Olson has been part of the Valard Geomatics family since the summer of 2014 and is our go to man for any kind of Manitoba work. His sense of humor and outlook on life keeps things positive on the hardest of days. His honesty and collaborative attitude is what makes Gavin great to work with and a great part of the Valard Geomatics team.

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Purav Halvadia

Project Manager

Purav Halvadia was one of the first team members to join Valard Geomatics helping the company develop its foundations. He’s now a Project Manager helping the company grow. Flexibility and the ability to adapt are key ingredients to success for Purav – as well as the courage to take a flying leap…

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