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Office Locations

Valard Geomatics Ltd. Head Office
Suite 201, 1253 – 91 Street SW
Edmonton, Alberta, T6X 1E9
Phone: 780-469-0306
Fax: 780-469-2143

Valard Geomatics Ltd. Saskatchewan
Suite 301, 845 Broad Street
Regina, Saskatchewan, S4R 8G9
Phone: 1-844-469-0306

Follow Valard on Twitter: @ValardLP

Key Contacts

Lesley Anne Sick

A.L.S., P.Eng
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Steven Van Berkel

A.L.S., P.Eng.
Vice President of Operations
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Haitao Zhang

PMP, M.Sc., P.Eng
Engineering Operations Manager
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Dave Young

A.L.S., C.L.S., P.Eng
Operations Manager
Alberta / British Columbia
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Ian Jensen

SLS, MLS, P. Surv.
Operations Manager
Saskatchewan View Bio