Employee Profiles

Valard Geomatics prides itself on the hiring the best in the surveying industry. Our dedicated team includes department managers, project managers, surveyors, project coordinators, geomatics technicians, gis and mapping technicians, administration staff, hr staff, drafting technicians, engineers and plan checkers. Our company values of innovation, safety, and continuing education mean that our staff work hard to ensure that all projects are completed on time, on budget, and with integrity. Below is a sample of some of our dedicated staff:

W.Bruce Clark

Ontario Land Surveyor / Alberta Land Surveyor / Project Manager

Bruce Clark joined Valard Geomatics in 2016 as our first and only Ontario Land Surveyor. Following his education at Queen’s University in History and Geography, Bruce started his career in the survey industry as a Survey Assistant in a summer position. He was able to work himself up quickly to a Party Chief before returning to the University of Toronto to study Survey Science.

Bruce has a wealth of knowledge in highway construction, piling, oil & gas, and more. He even worked as a Mapping Manager for the POLARIS project in Ontario, which he found to be his most interesting yet frustrating role to date.

After moving to Alberta and receiving his Alberta Land Surveyors commission in 2009, Bruce set his sights on his political career. Over his career, Bruce has been a part of many different councils and committees with the AOLS, ALSA, Professional Survey Canada Advocacy, North American Land Surveyors Team as well as being a referee in the local Minor Hockey Association.

His most recent achievement of being elected the Vice President of the Alberta Land Surveyors Associate is a great honor for Bruce as well as Valard Geomatics.

His sense of humor, care for his employees, company and the overall industry is what makes Bruce a great part of the Valard Geomatics team.

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Stephen Dunn

Survey Crew Chief

Stephen Dunn was one of the first Crew Chief's to join Valard Geomatics in the field. He is now one of our senior Crew Chiefs and has helped us complete work in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario! His dry sense of humor and modest attitude is what makes him a great part of our team.

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Craig McKay

Crew Chief

Craig joing Valard Geomatics in the fall of 2014, since then he has shown time and time again his ability and willingness to keep improving. Being the family man that Craig is, we are happy to have him as part of the Valard Geomatics family.

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Jarrett White

Survey Crew Chief

Jarrett White joined the Valard Geomatics team in 2014 and has since been one of our most dependable and diligent Crew Chief's. A quiet and hardworking leader, Jarrett lets his actions and work ethic speak for themselves.

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Purav Halvadia

Project Manager

Purav Halvadia was one of the first team members to join Valard Geomatics helping the company develop its foundations. He’s now a Project Manager helping the company grow. Flexibility and the ability to adapt are key ingredients to success for Purav – as well as the courage to take a flying leap…

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Amelia Kelly

Administrative Clerk

Amelia Kelly is an Administrative Clerk at Valard Geomatics. It’s a long way from her upbringing which saw her spending months on end with family in Jamaica gorging ripe mangoes and chasing lizards. She was raised on warm and sunny and today brings that disposition to her work.

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